Replacing fossil fuel with green hydrogen and green ammonia.

The power of green hydrogen.

Businesses across multiple sectors are looking to transition from fossil fuels and reduce their emissions through electrification. Plugging into the power grid is proving unviable for many. New cabling, energy storage and the flexibility to meet everchanging demand patterns can be complicated, expensive and time consuming to implement.

Green hydrogen overcomes these challenges, making it an important part of the energy mix going forward. It is produced by splitting water using nothing more than renewable power. It can be used directly in a number of industries, such as for the production of green ammonia. It can also be compressed or liquified and transported, just like diesel, to any location, and converted back to electricity through fuel cells. This effectively skips the need for the grid.

Green hydrogen, your clean alternative to diesel.


We offer a range of solutions for drivers to switch from diesel and petrol with ease. Regardless of whether you choose a fuel cell or battery electric vehicle, you can rely on our network of green hydrogen stations across Norway for all your refuelling and fast charging needs.

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Fuel cell generators are a clean, convenient, mobile solution for those with a demand for high capacity power that cannot be met by the grid. Using our green hydrogen and best-in-class technology from carefully selected partners, you can power your off-grid operations throughout Norway.

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Green ammonia, a clean switch from natural gas.


We are developing local green facilities across Africa, using 100% renewable energy to produce affordable fertilisers for farmers. We are also investing in delivering clean, off-grid power solutions to rural communities using green hydrogen.

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Westgass is developing a green ammonia market in Europe. We are building the bridge between large scale producers and industrial consumers to ensure an easy transition away from fossil fuels.

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