Delivering affordable
& secure clean energy

Fueling zero emissions

Our green hydrogen is produced across Norway using nothing more than water and renewable power. It’s a great alternative to diesel.

We are building the infrastructure for a green hydrogen market in Norway.

We will deliver green hydrogen to fuel cell generators to support off grid operations, as well as for the mobility sector. Buses, cars and trucks will be able to refuel in a matter of minutes with our countrywide network of refueling stations.

Westgass’ green hydrogen is affordable, clean and easy!

2022: the first station opens in Ganddal
30 stations by 2026
Our green hydrogen

We are Westgass Hydrogen.

Westgass Hydrogen is a green energy company focused on accelerating the transition from fossil fuels in Europe and emerging markets. We are enabling customers to run carbon neutral businesses by 2030. We supply affordable and secure green hydrogen and green ammonia, leveraging our experience, expertise and network in the energy sector.

We are Westgass Hydrogen.

Westgass Hydrogen focus on accelerating the transition to green energy value chains in Europe and emerging markets. We will enable our clients and customers to run their business carbon neutral before 2030. We will provide easy and affordable access to green hydrogen and ammonia energy solutions, leveraging our experience, expertise and networks from the energy sector.

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Transitioning from gas to a green future


Westgass established in Stavanger, Norway to market natural gas


First exports from Norwegian Continental Shelf


EUR 60 million turnover


Our transition from gas to clean hydrogen begins


EUR 180 mill turnover on natural gas. Hydrogen activities moved to Westgass Hydrogen AS. Westgass AS sold to Count Energy


Westgass Hydrogen delivers green hydrogen to provide off grid power


First hydrogen filling stations in operation. Scaling of hydrogen distribution.


Green ammonia exports and international projects growth

Why green hydrogen

  • Made from renewable power
  • Fills gaps in the power
  • Can easily be converted to power
  • On water emissions when powering machines, vehicles and power infrastructure

Westgass sells natural gas business to build green hydrogen value chains.

Westgass was founded in 2015 to export and market natural gas produced in Norway. The company quickly established itself as a reliable partner with a strong client base across Europe. In 2019, the business began its transition to green energy. KAM Group was formed to consolidate the different Westgass interests and set itself a goal to exit from all fossil fuel activities by 2023.  

2021 has been a defining year in our journey. Having achieved a turnover of over EUR 180 million in the first nine months, the natural gas business was sold to COUNT Energy Trading B.V. in December 2021. The group is now fully dedicated to building green hydrogen and green ammonia value chains through Westgass Hydrogen AS.


Entering green hydrogen collaboration

PSW Power & Automation and Westgass Hydrogen enter a strategic collaboration aimed towards deployment of container-based hydrogen fuel cell systems for power applications.


Sandnes will be the first in the Nordic region with a hyper-green fuel station

Westgass Hydrogen's first hydrogen fueling station will be located at Vagle, Sandnes.

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