We supply off-grid power.



In many off-grid locations, diesel generators are still the dominating source of power. Fuel cells generators offer a clean, convenient, and flexible alternative. They are just as mobile and take up a similar amount of space. They also generate the same power supply performance, from a few hundred kW to several MW, with none of the noise or emissions of traditional options.  

Switching is easy with Westgass. Businesses across Norway with a demand for zero-emissions electricity, that cannot be met by the grid, can now rely on fuel cell generators. We will deliver the required green hydrogen in high pressure containers wherever and whenever it is needed through our country-wide distribution network. We also offer a fully containerised power-as-a-service package for customers looking for a one stop solution.


  • We have delivered off-grid power to our first customers in 2022 and have a target of supplying over 80MW installed capacity within 5 years.
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