We build green energy stations for your vehicles.



For fuel cell vehicles

Fuel cell vehicles offer an equivalent experience to their fossil alternatives. They are similar in weight, provide similar cargo space, achieve similar range and take a similar amount of time to refuel.  

We are building green hydrogen stations across Norway that offer high pressure green hydrogen at 350 bar and 700 bar for all types of fuel cell vehicles from heavy duty trucks to passenger cars.

For battery electric vehicles

Whilst the move to battery electric vehicles is quickly gaining momentum across all mobility sectors, the infrastructure for reliable country-wide fast charge capacity continues to lag behind.

We are rolling out off-grid fast chargers powered by fuel cell generators at our green hydrogen stations, delivering your electric vehicles straightforward, high capacity, zero emissions charging.


  • We are on track to opening our first station by the end of 2023 and aim to have a country-wide sales and distribution network fully operational by 2026.
  • Contact us to get a quote for your green hydrogen requirements.
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