Westgass Hydrogen has chosen btwn and Moreld Apply for hydrogen solutions


Westgass Hydrogen has chosen btwn and Moreld Apply to provide technology solutions to support the efficient delivery of hydrogen for their filling stations and off-grid applications. 

We are confident that the collaboration with btwn will strengthen our capabilities to provide safe, scalable and flexible hydrogen solutions for our customers” said Chief Innovation Officer for Westgass Hydrogen, Jarle Molstad. 

The solutions will adopt best practice and high-quality standards from the offshore environment to ensure safe and reliable operations onshore. 
btwn’s competence in automation and control systems provides a solid foundation for the ongoing digitalisation of Westgass Hydrogen’s operations. 

The solutions will pave the way for cloud-based storage of data and enable AI solutions to optimise the flow of hydrogen from source to consumer”, adds Molstad.

Jarle Molstad (Chief Innovation Officer) of Westgass Hydrogen, Jørgen Arnesen (CEO) of btwn, Kristian Rasmussen (Lead Engineer) in Westgass Hydrogen and Kenneth Skråmestø (Vice President Technology & Business Development) in btwn.

btwn thanks Westgass Hydrogen for the opportunity and looks forward to fruitful cooperation in the years to come. This is an acknowledgement of btwn’s competence within automation and software development in the green energy segment, and we are pleased to work with a customer who sees the benefits of controlling their data from the start”, states the CEO of btwn, Jørgen Arnesen.

The first delivery is expected on Q3 of 2022.

Westgass Hydrogen in brief

Westgass Hydrogen is a green energy company focused on accelerating the transition from fossil fuels in Europe and emerging markets. We are enabling customers to run carbon neutral businesses by2030. We supply affordable and secure green hydrogen and green ammonia, leveraging our experience, expertise and network in the energy sector.

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btwn in brief

btwn has experience and know-how to guide you safely through the digital transformation. Replacing manual processes with automated and remote solutions. Digital solutions will lead to dramatic changes in the years to come. btwn is here to help you face them. Digitalisation will affect not only production and maintenance, but also business administration and reporting. In short: Everything we do. To see all aspects of what a digital transformation can lead to for your company, btwn puts together teams of experts within IT, data, and automation.

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Moreld Apply in brief

MoreldApply is a leading multi-discipline industrial engineering company, specialising in contracts across all project phases – from concept development and studies to completion and commissioning. By understanding the key business drivers and objectives set by clients, Moreld Apply strives to provide valuable solutions and improve asset performance.

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