Westgass Hydrogen launches Norway’s first renewable filling station

Westgass Hydrogen will open Norway’s first one-stop, 100 percent renewable filling station in Sandnes, Rogaland this winter.

The filling station is a part of Westgass Hydrogen’s wider strategy to build green hydrogen and green ammonia value chains across Norway, Europe and in emerging economies.  

The plan was unveiled during the launch event held on Friday April 29th at Scandic Stavanger Forus.

The CEO of Westgass Hydrogen, Kinar Kent, stated the importance and relevance of the project’s contribution to the transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy.

“We want a system where communities across the globe can benefit from affordable, secure, locally produced clean energy. We’re convinced we’ll get there with green hydrogen”, says Kinar Kent, CEO of Westgass Hydrogen.

First of its kind

The station will open in the coming winter at Vagle industrial park, Sandnes, in southwestern Norway. It is expected to be the first of its kind, designed to meet the decarbonisation needs of the heavy transport sector. It will offer green hydrogen refuelling, rapid charging for battery electric vehicles and biogas.  

“I am sure that all the municipalities in the region will stand together to make this happen. This represents a very important development. If not, there are gloomy predictions ahead of us”, says the mayor of Sandnes, Stanley Wirak.

Member of Parliament Tom Kalsås emphasises the government’s support towards a hydrogen economy:

“We want an offensive hydrogen strategy. Then we must make sure that there is economy in it”, Kalsås says.

Tom Kalsås, member of parliament.

Located at major truck hub

Located close to the E39 highway and with a direct rail connection to Oslo from Ganddal goods terminal, Rogaland’s main onshore logistics hub. The industrial park is home to distribution centres for several major organisations including Posten/Bring, Rema 1000 and DBSchenker. Over 1000 trucks drive through the park daily.

EspenOlsen, General Manager PR at Toyota Norway confirms the demand for hydrogen infrastructure:

“We at Toyota produce 30,000 fuel cells every year and notice a great demand. There are one hundred hydrogen stations in Germany. If we are to achieve this in Norway, the infrastructure is absolutely necessary”, Olsen says.

Lot in Vagle where the station will be built.

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