QUANTRON and Westgass Hydrogen enter into strategic agreement for the sale and distribution of green hydrogen across Europe

  • Westgass Hydrogen AS and QUANTRON AG have signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to enable zero-emission heavy duty transport in the Nordics (Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Denmark)
  • The agreement is part of a wider strategy for the parties to collaborate on QUANTRON-as-a-Service bundling Fuel Cell powered commercial vehicles with Green H2
  • Focus will be on supply and distribution of Green H2 in Nordics and across Europe
  • The long-term sale of green hydrogen is expected to increase to over NOK 1.3 billion (EUR 120 million) per year by 2030
  • Westgass Hydrogen AS joins the Clean Transportation Alliance by QUANTRON.

QUANTRON AG and Westgass Hydrogen have signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) for the deployment of zero-emission trucks in the Nordics (Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Denmark). The companies will jointly deliver emission-free trucks from QUANTRON and green hydrogen from Westgass Hydrogen. Westgass Hydrogen will also be QUANTRON's green H2 supply partner for a larger network of filling stations for heavy transport across Europe. The long-term sale of green hydrogen is expected to increase to over NOK 1.3 billion (EUR 120 million) per year by 2030 through the QUANTRON-as-a-Service (QaaS) 360-degree ecosystem.

Westgass Hydrogen is a Norwegian company that aims to promote the use of clean hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels. They distribute and sell green hydrogen with access to more than 25 hydrogen retail sites and supply across Norway.

QUANTRON sees the Nordics and its high hydrogen affinity in heavy duty as an ideal proving ground for QaaS. Through the Agreement, Westgass Hydrogen joins the Clean Transportation Alliance, an OEM-open ecosystem offering its customers a 360-degree platform. This includes zero-emission vehicles as well as the associated infrastructure from green H2 generation to refuelling. 

QUANTRON will begin the first phase of its commercial roll out to Norway in 2024, with Westgass Hydrogen selected as QUANTRON’s preferred green Hydrogen suppliers for QaaS clients in the Nordics. The parties have a joint ambition to launch the first trucks with QUANTRON-as-a-Service on the Norwegian roads in 2024.

“We are excited to collaborate with QUANTRON on this joint offering and contribute to the transition to zero-emission within the transportation sector using green hydrogen as a fuel”, says Kinar Kent, CEO of Westgass Hydrogen AS.

“The collaboration with Westgass Hydrogen paves the way for QUANTRON-as-a-Service tailor made for Nordic transportation requirements”, says Michael Perschke, CEO of QUANTRON AG. “Besides dispensing green H2 to our QaaS clients, based on the competitive supply and distribution of green H2 by Westgass, this will also serve a supply partner for a H2 Fuelling company, where QUANTRON will give more insights during our upcoming Q-Days on 24.04.2023 in Gersthofen / Augsburg (Germany).”

This Agreement will also help to significantly decarbonize transport of goods as only one Heavy Duty 44 truck emits up to 150[JFC1]  of CO2 per year. QUANTRON plans to deploy up to 500 Fuel Cell trucks, initially in Norway, until 2027 allowing a CO2 emissions reduction of 75.000 Kg [JFC2] per annum through QaaS.

From left: Anil Reddi (Director QUANTRON-as-a-Service), Arne Åkerlund (CCO and Co-Founder Westgass Hydrogen), Michael Perschke (CEO QUANTRON AG) and Andreas Haller (Founder and Executive Chairman QUANTRON AG)


QUANTRON AG is a platform provider and specialist for sustainable mobility for people and goods; in particular for trucks, buses and vans with fully electric powertrains and H2 fuel cell technology. As a high-tech spinoff of the renowned Haller KG, the German company from Augsburg in Bavaria combines over 140 years of commercial vehicle experience with state-of-the-art e-mobility know-how and positions itself globally as a partner to existing OEMs.
With the
QUANTRON-as-a-Service Ecosystem (QaaS), QUANTRON offers an overall concept that covers all facets of the mobility value chain: QUANTRON INSIDE includes a wide range of both new vehicles and conversions for existing and used vehicles from diesel to battery and hydrogen electric powertrains using the highly innovative QUANTRON INSIDE technology. QUANTRON CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS ensures digital and physical aftersales solutions with a Europe-wide network of 700 service partners, as well as a service offering for maintenance, repair and spare parts, telematics and in-cloud solutions for remote diagnostics and fleet management. Customers receive individual solutions: rental, financing and leasing offers such as training courses and workshops at the QUANTRON Academy. In the future, QUANTRON ENERGY & POWER STATION will realize the production of green hydrogen and electricity as a platform. To this end, QUANTRON AG has joined forces with strong global partners. This Clean Transportation Alliance also forms an important building block for the supply of vehicles with the necessary green charging and H2 refueling infrastructure.

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About Westgass Hydrogen

Westgass Hydrogen is a clean energy company focused on accelerating the transition from fossil fuels in Europe and emerging markets.  By leveraging their extensive knowledge, professional expertise and industrial networks from the energy sector, they will enable customers to run carbon neutral operations by 2030 using clean hydrogen.
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