Norway’s first event powered by clean hydrogen

Westgass Hydrogen powered Risa’s construction fair and family day at Eikeland Gård, Lund (Rogaland) on Saturday 3rd September. This is the first time a public fair has been powered off-grid by clean hydrogen fuel cell generators. The event attracted 3000 visitors.

Safe and reliable

“Green hydrogen has many critics because of safety and efficiency concerns. However, we successfully showed today that the fuel is a convenient, clean and reliable alternative to diesel that can be deployed in a safe and secure manner with zero incidents” says Jarle Molstad, Chief Innovation Officer at Westgass Hydrogen.

A solution for emissions-free construction

By 2025, construction sites must be emission-free in many municipalities. Today, electric machinery depend on access to the power grid, and capacity is often limited. While batteries can support the grid, they are not convenient. They take time to recharge and are also slow to charge equipment. 

“Fuel cell generators produce electricity by combining hydrogen and air to create electricity. The only emissions are clean water and heat. They can be flexibly deployed to any location, whether in cities or remote locations, to provide instant, high capacity green power. Zero emissions, no diesel” continues Molstad.



“We want to be at the forefront of the development of new technology in the industry, but we have to tread carefully and get the right equipment that works in the field” says Bjørn Risa, CEO at Risa Group.


“All construction companies have to [get into a zero-emission strategy]. It’s more about whether you want to get into this in an early phase or be more on the sidelines. We want to influence the good solutions and be innovative” continued Risa.


Delivering a complete package across Norway


“We have worked hard with our partners to make green hydrogen solutions available across Norway that meet the real needs of consumers where they need it, when they need it” says Kinar Kent, CEO Westgass Hydrogen.


“Today was an important milestone and one of many firsts. As far as we are aware, this is the first time in Norway that a green hydrogen driven fuel cell generator has been used to power a public event and to charge construction equipment in an off grid location. We even managed to save a Tesla that had run low on battery” continues Kent.


Westgass Hydrogen aims to deploy a complete package supplying green power to the construction industry, fish farms, shore power facilities and event companies together with its partners HYDS and PSW Power & Automation.