An energy station of hydrogen, biogas and EV chargers is being established at Digerneset Business Park


The energy station for larger vehicles and long-distance transport will be one of the first of its kind in this country.

“Our offensive and ambitious goal is to make the Ålesund region a part of the country's fossil-free transport corridors by establishing a regional energy hub for the transport sector on Digerneset. With its central location, Digerneset Næringspark can be developed into a large energy hub for various energy carriers, by establishing both biogas and hydrogen stations, in addition to large charging systems for charging electric vehicles”, says Digerneset Næringspark.

Major players
In the establishment of the energy station, which will be ready during 2022, Digerneset Næringspark has brought with them major players such as Westgass, Gasum, and Eviny, one of the Nordic region's largest players in sustainable and future oriented fossil free energy suppliers for heavy transport needs.

Stations to create amarket
We have to create a market. If we are to make things happen, stations for filling biogas must be built. Digerneset Næringspark is a central hub in the transport corridor between north and south, and east-west, it is well organized, has good logistics and the location is right in the middle of the green shift, says Jogeir Munkeby, business developer in Gasum.

Both biogas and hydrogen
Gasum and Westgass want to invest in their respective parts of the energy station. Both Gasum and Westgass affirm that it’s positive that the energy station can offer both biogas and hydrogen. They believe that we will need both to speed up the green shift in the transport sector, which accounts for about a third of Norwegian greenhouse gas emissions.

Pieces falling into place
We believe all the pieces will fall into place, says Munkeby in Gasum who in the next few years will invest in an infrastructure with filling stations inNorway with liquefied biogas for heavy and long-distance transport. The industry needs a total of 24 filling stations by 2025 to be able to provide the emission cuts that the transport industry must make to achieve the climate goals of 2030.

Westgass will build infrastructure for a green hydrogen market inNorway through a nationwide network and the goal is 30 filling stations by2026.

Perfect location
We can not just sit and wait for the green shift. Without filling stations, there will be no market for fossil-free heavy transport. We believe that Digerneset Næringspark is well organized and in a perfect location for an energy station, says Arne Åkerlund, Chief Commercial Officer of Westgass.

By 2030 new heavier vans, 75 percent of new long-distance buses, and 50percent of new trucks will be zero emissions, according to the National Transport Plan.

Natural Geographical Location
Digerneset is a natural geographical resting place for long-distance transport, and there’s been a24-hour rest area for long-distance transport drivers since 2013. Therefore, Eviny are establishing charging stations with large charging systems for larger electric vehicles on the adjacent site next to the resting place. At the energy station, there will also be established a large car wash for large vehicles that will be operated by Storbilvasken.

Charging and rest time
Charging larger vehicles requires a certain charging time that can be combined with rest time. Large car charging will be installed, and ready to use 2.nd half of 2022, Eviny is also the ones that established charging stations for regular cars at Rema 1000 on Digerneset. 

This project will put the region on the map